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Here's my submission for the Light and Darkness TTRPG Jam - my first game jam! I'm super excited to share this, it was like I got hit with a bolt of inspiration. By downloading this, you'll get access to the regular PDF, a more "printer-friendly" version of the PDF and a plain text document.

They contain three additional castings for the Sigil and Shadow system - two illuminated and one shadowed! These are to supplement the existing castings, for those looking for a character that weaves easily between the illuminated and shadowed worlds. It does not include any of the system's rules.

Note: I am not affiliated with R.E. Davis, Osprey Publishing or anything to do with Sigil and Shadow! Simply a Guide with a passion for monsters.

[ Link to thechaosgrenade's website ]
[ Link to Osprey Publishing's page for Sigil and Shadow ]

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where the light and darkness intersect.pdf 178 kB
where the light and darkness intersect - printer friendly.pdf 178 kB
where the light and darkness intersect - plain text.txt 5 kB

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